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Your a phone call, we have a responsibility! Customer service center will call center system,

 maintenance management system, 1.jpgremote monitoring system,

 the technical help system and optimization, become a customer communication link.  

Preventive maintenance Plan ahead

Ling yi elevator advanced maintenance technology, the full implementation of preventive 

maintenance,tailor-made for the customer maintenance plan, and provide reliable guarantee

 for elevator zero fault operation.  

Commands from a remote monitoring system

Elevator remote network monitoring system is based on Internet network design e era of 

real-time computer monitoring and control system, the initiative to pick up the state of 

the elevator and fault recording and analysis, to predict the future trend.  

Service network node

Ling yi elevator service station near by your side, close to the customer, close to the demand,

 to provide you with neighbors.

There was a big supply of spare parts center

According to the regional Settings of parts library and efficient logistics, guarantee the timeliness

 of parts supply.  
Expert team professional wisdom

Set product development, technical support, maintenance in one of the outstanding group, holds the ling yi electric

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